Ashley Olsen: I avoid paparazzi

Ashley Olsen discusses her tactics on how to avoid celebrity photographers.

Ashley Olsen has found the trick to avoiding paparazzi.

The actress-and-entrepreneur says she makes it difficult for photographers to shoot her because she stays so busy.

She also thinks that with over two decades in show business celebrity snappers have tired of following her while out and about.

“There is a threshold in New York, and once you pass that and are considered a New Yorker, they leave you alone,” she explained to Net-a-Porter.

“But we’re at the office every day, then home or out for dinner, so there aren’t the opportunities for them to take pictures. For the most part you try and avoid it… [I do], at least.”

The 27-year-old catapulted to fame alongside Mary-Kate when the twins landed a role on hit US sitcom Full House and the pair are now focussed on building their fashion label The Row.

While being photographed isn’t her favourite part of the job, Ashley admits fame does have its perks. She also differentiates herself from more troubled child stars.

“We were nine months old when we started, so fame has always been part of our lives,” she said. “There wasn’t any weirdness where we decided that we wanted to be famous.

“Then as we got older, we were very fortunate that we could hire and work with amazing people who want to protect us.”

The Olsen sisters have a busy year ahead, as they recently expanded their business portfolio.

According to a report earlier this month, the twin actresses now hold a minority ownership stake as co-chairs in e-commerce company BeachMint.
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Thursday, 17. October 2013