Gaga: Music is a rush

Lady Gaga's songs were influenced by "different types of adrenaline".

Lady Gaga wants people to feel a “rush” when hearing her music.

The singer is currently promoting her fourth album ARTPOP, which is due for release in November.

She’s already released single Applause and hopes fans will feel strong emotions when playing her tracks.

“Each song on ARTPOP was inspired by different types of adrenalin, so it’s an expression of the various rushes. I want you to feel them, (sic)” she explained on Twitter.

Gaga is known for her eccentric nature, which includes wearing outlandish clothing for events and performances.

When it comes to her craft, the 27-year-old likes to full immerse herself in her music.

FUN FACT about ARTPOP: I sang the songs over and over until they transformed into a part of me. Then we pressed record,” she revealed to her followers.

“I feel like crying seeing your excitement for the new music it means the world to me, this music is my life (sic).”

The singer has been making exciting announcements about her music recently, revealing a new single titled Venus will be release on October 25.

Gaga has also recorded a track with R. Kelly, which fans have been treated to a snippet of.

A sample of Do What U Want features on an advert for US store Best Buy and the full song will be released later this month.

ARTPOP MUSIC EMERGENCY THERE are major announcements UNDERWAY 911 THERE IS AN AUDIO COMPONENT (sic),” she teased her expectant fans.
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Thursday, 17. October 2013