Efron recalls Awkward Moment

Zac Efron says crew members on the set of forthcoming comedy That Awkward Moment got an eyeful when he stripped down.

Zac Efron didn’t mind stripping down in his new movie.

The 25-year-old actor stars in forthcoming comedy That Awkward Moment, about a group of friends who vow to stay single for as long as possible.

One scene called for the star to wear nothing at all and he says shooting it marked a memorable moment.

Asked about his most awkward experience on set during a Q&A livestream, Zac said: “For sure getting naked on the toilet.”

It didn’t take long for the star to get comfortable with the cast and crew, however. There were a few times he said when everyone got an eyeful.

“We just got naked there was like a sock thing [covering me]. It fell off and you just cup your hands,” he laughed.

Zac both starred in and produced the feature. He said playing both roles surprisingly made the experience much more enjoyable.

“If anything it made it less stressful because we were able to cater it to our likes and our wants and needs,” he said of his fellow producers.

The star also spoke of his transition over the years from drama to comedy. He feels fortunate to have had opportunities to explore multiple genres and expand his talent.

“It’s sort of just the natural progression of things and what I’m able to do to the best of my abilities at that moment,” he explained.

That Awkward Moment is scheduled for US release in January.
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Wednesday, 16. October 2013