Sharon O 'drags up history'

Sharon Osbourne needs to be “reined in” by Simon Cowell, it has been claimed

Sharon Osbourne has been accused of “dragging up history” in her new book.

The British star has been promoting her autobiography Unbreakable over the last few weeks, which touches on her feelings about plastic surgery and her son Jack’s MS diagnosis.

She also discusses her famously difficult relationship with Dannii Minogue, stemming from the period they were both UK X Factor judges several years ago. They didn’t get on and Sharon has claimed Dannii was difficult to work with and blanked her, with the Australian star apparently bemused about why the old ground is being raked over.

“She’s said she can’t bear Sharon bullying her again. Dannii can’t understand why she’s dragging up history from six years ago. She thinks Sharon must be bitter and unhappy with her life at the moment, so she’s determined to try and make other people’s lives miserable too,” an insider alleged to British magazine Heat.

Sharon has previously claimed she originally left the panel of the British TV show because she couldn’t get on with Dannii.

Her latest comments came during a difficult time for Dannii, whose grandmother recently died. She cried while on TV show Australia’s Got Talent as a contestant’s song choice made her so emotional and she apparently feels she needs help to get over Sharon’s latest comments.

“Dannii’s under a huge amount of stress. She’s hoping that Simon Cowell will intervene and rein Sharon in,” the source said.
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Sunday, 13. October 2013