Tearful mother Danes

Claire Danes is full of "joy and exuberance" now she's a mom.

Claire Danes says motherhood makes her want to “cry”.

The Homeland star and her husband Hugh Dancy welcomed baby boy Cyrus into the world in December last year.

Having her little bundle of joy sometimes feels overwhelming for the 34-year-old actress.

“I’m so full of joy and exuberance, that’s how I would describe my feeling about being a mom,” she smiled to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“It almost makes you want to cry because it’s just so beautiful.”

In Homeland, Claire plays bipolar character Carrie Mathison, who works for the CIA.

The star has had her own struggles growing up, but finds having people to talk to helps.

“I was a pretty messed up and misanthropic teenager, and it was good for me to find some good friends whom I could talk to and get rid of some of my angst,” she explained.

“I was way too serious and overly concerned with trying to project this adult self. When I hit my twenties, I figured out that adults don’t really have that much certainty about their lives either!”

Getting together with actor Hugh gave Claire an extra bit of certainty.

The pair met on the set of film Evening and were married in a private ceremony in France in 2009.

“It’s had a very settling influence on me,” she revealed.

“It’s like you finally find the right partner with whom you feel totally comfortable. Everything suddenly makes sense and you don’t have to think about why it’s working out so well because things are so good and easy together.”
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Sunday, 13. October 2013