Perry: Comedians are wild

Katy Perry loves comedy but doesn't have enough time in her busy schedule to fit it in.

Katy Perry loves “the craziness” of comedians.

The American singer has taken part in a humorous sketch on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show, in which she dressed up in a naughty school girl costume.

Katy – the ex-wife of British comedian Russell Brand – enjoys showing off her fun side but admits she can’t fit a lot in with her busy schedule.

“I wish I could do some comedy sketches because I love being around comedians, I love the air, I love the kind of craziness that’s going on upstairs, but I have to go all over the world and I’m only one person,” she mused. “I’m not like in a band or in a girl group, so I have to kind of delegate my time very carefully. I’m like picking out the costumes for the dancers, writing the lyrics and making sure the lights are right.”

Katy is in awe of women who make it in the comedy industry. Saturday Night Live veterans Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig are just some of the favourites which she listed.

“I just love self-deprecating women who can kind of make fun of themselves and it’s not all about them and their nice lighting,” she smiled. “They don’t have to be chic in every shot. They can kind of laugh at themselves.”

The 28-year-old star was promoting her upcoming third album Prism on the show. She explained the differences between her new record and her latest release, 2010’s Teenage Dream.

“I think the difference between [Teenage Dream] and this next one is it’s kind of vulnerable and raw and stripped down,” she said. “It’s an evolution, it’s three years later and a bit more grown-up, but still having lots of fun. I mean, look, I’m in pigtails. I’m not that grown up!”
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Friday, 11. October 2013