Scherzinger trying to stay strong

Nicole Scherzinger admits she often feels lonely in the UK while filming The X Factor.

Nicole Scherzinger is putting on a “brave” face.

The American singer is currently based in the UK for her role as a judge on The X Factor, which she took up in 2012.

While she enjoys her job on the show Nicole admits she often gets lonely when the cameras are off and she misses her loved ones, who are still in the US.

It has also become even tougher after splitting from Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton in July, who she dated for five years.

“I’m being brave right now because I’m here alone, all my friends and family are all back home,” she confessed to website “[Being brave] is the story of my life… It has been a tough year. I was obviously going through some stuff internally.”

When she’s not filming the raven-haired star focuses on her music. She has pursued a successful solo career since her group The Pussycat Dolls broke up in 2010 and she intends to keep it going.

“My work keeps me busy,” Nicole added. “And when I’m not working, I’m in the studio recording.”

Nicole is confident when it comes to performing but admits she is a bag of nerves when voicing her opinion on contestants during The X Factor live shows. She has a routine before stepping out in front of the camera which helps her calm down and make it more enjoyable.

“I puke [before the show]. I get really nervous,” she sighed. “I’d much rather be singing on stage than speaking every night, so I go for a run before the shows to clear my head, and I say a prayer. I love my work. I love being here… I’m on a new adventure.”
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Thursday, 10. October 2013