Miley: I don't just twerk

Miley Cyrus wants to take a blanket out with her because she gets cold in her skimpy outfits.

Miley Cyrus is about more than just “twerking and licking stuff”.

The 20-year-old popstar brought the twerk move to the forefront during the MTV Video Music Awards, where she danced provocatively with Robin Thicke and repeatedly stuck out her tongue.

On Saturday Night Live the star poked fun at herself by parodying her own dance moves and joking about the government shut down as well as saucy novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

“I feel like that was a good time for me to kind of show people kind of that I don’t just twerk and lick stuff,” she explained to Jimmy Fallon.

“I can sing. And I can act a little bit, too! I’m multitalented. My parents are proud.”

Miley appeared on Jimmy’s talk show in a white shirt, accessorised with lots of jewellery but no trousers.

The star is known for loving skimpy outfits, but admits it can get a little chilly from time to time.

“I’m catching pneumonia in your studio right now,” Miley shivered to her host.

“It’s very cold,” host Jimmy agreed, “but you have to wear clothes when you come on here.” Miley laughed: “I asked if I could bring a blanket and they looked at me like I was crazy.”

The actress-and-singer rose to fame as the title character in Disney show Hannah Montana.

She may have well and truly shed her good-girl image, but Miley can remember what it was like starting out in the business.

“I started auditioning when I was 11 and they told me I was too small, too young and had too few teeth, because I only had about four teeth in my mouth at that time. And those teeth that I did have had big ol’ brackets on ’em, so I was really cute,” she joked.

“I went in for my first audition and then I came back with the braces and they looked at me like, ‘What happened to her over the summer?’ It was the reverse of the ugly duckling. I just kept getting uglier as a kid. Then it was like two years later and they were like, ‘OK, fine, fine – we’ll hire her.’ Because I wouldn’t quit going to the auditions. Even if they didn’t call me back, I would fly myself to LA and keep going back because I knew it’s what I wanted.”
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Wednesday, 09. October 2013