Pete Wentz’s Wrecking regrets

Pete Wentz has told Twitter fans he is in awe of Miley Cyrus.

Pete Wentz wishes he’d written Wrecking Ball.

The track appears on Miley Cyrus’ new album and has caused extreme reactions thanks to the promo, which sees the 20-year-old star nude, straddling a giant cement ball and suggestively licking a hammer.

It seems Pete has taken note of the column inches the song has garnered.

“Wrecking Ball,” he quickly replied, when a fan asked if there is any track he wishes he had penned.

Pete announced the news during an impromptu Twitter Q&A, in which he was deluged with queries. Many fans were overcome when he responded to them, among them the girl who asked about his song regrets.

“Pete I’m literally sobbing because I’m so f**king happy that you replied to me. I LOVE YOU I HOPE PEOPLE ALWAYS TREAT YOU NICE,” @vomtoria wrote.

Many of the 34-year-old star’s fans wanted answers to serious questions, such as how he comes up with lyrics and when he is planning on playing certain songs live.

However, the Fall Out Boy rocker was more intent on having a little fun.

“trick question boob pizza (sic),” he replied to a Twitter user who asked whether he likes breasts or pizza more.

Fans continued to probe Pete’s private life though and he did give some insights. When one asked if he is friends with hip-hop superstar Jay Z, the star replied that he knows him “a little bit”.

Fall Out Boy ended their hiatus this year and released their record Save Rock and Roll. It seems they enjoyed working together again as at the end of last month they confirmed a new album, Pax-Am Days, will hit stores this month.
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Wednesday, 09. October 2013