Kruger 'tried to charm cops'

Diane Kruger failed to impress police officers who stopped her for speeding and saw she was covered in “bruise make-up”.

Diane Kruger tried to “charm” police when she was stopped for speeding and her face was covered in fake bruises.

The German-born actress’ latest role sees her play detective Sonya Cross in US TV show The Bridge. Diane was rushing to get home after shooting scenes for the crime drama late one night, when officers pulled her over and were immediately suspicious about her appearance.

“I was pulled over for speeding at 2am, coming from work in Long Beach. I have a French license because I live part time in France. I also had all this bruised make-up on because we were shooting a car crash, and the cop looked at me and was like, ‘Have you been drinking?’ I was trying to charm him,” she laughed to C magazine. “I said, ‘I play a cop on this show…’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah whatever, not happening.’”

The model-turned-actress has been dating Joshua Jackson for seven years. The couple have been the subject of much wedding speculation, with fresh rumours over the summer claiming Joshua had found the “perfect” engagement ring.

Diane has once again insisted they are not planning to tie the knot, explaining they aren’t hung up on showing their love with a piece of paper or wedding ring.

“What’s important is the commitment. It’s not the size of the ring your wear on your finger,” she said of the band she wears on her ring finger. “You know, I don’t place particular importance on that, but I would love a nice gift!”

While Diane isn’t in a rush to wed, she has made no secret of her desire to have children.

The 37-year-old blonde spends a lot of time in France and would like her family to grow up there.

“Yeah, I know it. I see myself raising kids there. I would love that, having little French babies in Bonpoint,” she smiled.
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Wednesday, 09. October 2013