One D: Oz is crazy

One Direction have found Australia overwhelming and Liam Payne has recalled rescuing some fans in a golf cart.

One Direction find Australia “crazy”.

The British group are currently Down Under playing shows as part of their Take Me Home Tour.

Since they have touched down, the boys – Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik – have documented all the odd antics which have happened on their Twitter accounts.

One memorable incident took place shortly after they arrived and involved female fans camping in a snake-infested field to try and get the attention of their idols.

It was Liam who spotted the girls and he revealed on the Kyle and Jackie O radio he had to rescue them from the dangerous habitat using a golf cart.

“It’s been pretty crazy in Australia so far,” the band admitted.

Liam – whose underwear was recently stolen by a female fan as they lay to dry on his hotel room balcony – then recalled the events which took place that night.

“So what happened [that day] is, at the back of our hotel there’s a massive sign saying ’Don’t go in here, snake habitat’… So I was sat on the balcony one day and out of nowhere I just heard these voices coming up through the snake thing,” Liam explained. “These girls waltzing on through, in little shorts and what not. I was like ‘Whoa, girls’. I took them back to the front in a golf cart.”

The rest of the band chimed in to describe their thoughts on the situation. They compared the dangerous wildlife and environment to the setting of a famous Indiana Jones film.

“It’s like Raiders of the Lost Ark!” they laughed.

Some fellow Brit stars submitted questions for Kyle and Jackie to ask the boys. Actress Dawn French was first up with her enquiry.

“Which merchandise do you think is the most cheesy you have tried to sell?” she asked the boys.

The boys first made a food related pun and joked a “cheese board”. They then revealed what they thought was the oddest item with their name on it.

“We have a singing tooth brush, which sings to you while you brush your teeth,” they giggled.
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Tuesday, 08. October 2013