Katy Perry’s parents support Mayer

Katy Perry looked excited as she turned out to support her boyfriend John Mayer at his show this weekend.

Katy Perry took her parents to support John Mayer at his concert over the weekend.

The singer-songwriter performed at the Hollywood Bowl, marking the end of the first leg of his current tour.

His girlfriend turned out to back him, wearing a low-key floral minidress and black cowboy boots. Katy accessorised with a skinny black belt and looked excited to see her beau take to the stage as she turned up to the event. Her mom and dad Mary and Keith are reported to have gone along with her, with John putting on a great show.

Several years ago throat surgery left him concerned he would never sing again and he took the opportunity to thank his medical team for helping him recover while on stage.

Although John appeared to have a great time on stage and played many of his best-loved songs such as Why Georgia and Waiting for the World to Change, he recently admitted his feelings about shows are evolving.

“People aren’t going crazy and I think to myself, ’I’m not playing a very good show,’ and then I look out into the audience and they are going crazy, but not for me… They’re applauding into the phone,” he said. “So what I do now is I finish the show and I search myself on Instagram to see how people would have cheered had they not had a phone in their hand.”

Katy’s appearance at her boyfriend’s show comes after he gushed about her to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel last week. The pair have recorded a track called Who You Love together and John couldn’t keep the pride from his voice as he chatted about laying down the song.

“She was fantastic,” he said. “It was a really great experience and the song is one of these like old FM ‘70s and ’80s sort of like duets. And I listened back to it; it’s, like, really convincing. And I watched it get made and I’m still kind of taken aback.”

It seems John might have to battle for Katy’s affection in the future. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recently admitted having a crush on the singer, prompting Katy to send him a message.

“Oh please, this isn’t the third grade,” she laughed. "Just ring me, Daniel. Don’t be shy, or get your people to call mine if you like.

“I am totally taken so it’s not about that. I think he’s cool and I’d really like to get to know him."
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Monday, 07. October 2013