Pink’s spirituality ‘blanket’

Pink accepted her role in Thanks for Sharing because she was plied with cheesecake.

Pink says spirituality is like her “baby blanket”.

The singer is known for her strong views and is never afraid to share them via Twitter.

Faith is a big part of her life, even if she doesn’t belong to one particular religion.

“I’m a very spiritual person. It’s the baby blanket of my life,” she explained to British magazine Star.

“But I don’t believe in organised religion. How can one group be right and everybody else wrong? We all bleed red, we’re all trying to put one foot in front of another.”

Pink, who is mom to two-year-old Willow, is stepping off stage and onto the big screen in Thanks for Sharing, where she plays Dede.

The part was based on her real life, which the 34-year-old finds amazing.

“I think it’s a bit of magic,” she smiled.

“I was extremely pregnant at the time and they brought me a cheesecake, so I said: ‘Of course I’ll do it.’”

Pink has had six albums and the same amount of tours, with her latest being The Truth About Love.

Acting is very similar to performing her music to fans in terms of what she wants them to take away from the experience.

“It’s the same as when I’m on stage – I want my audience to feel every emotion they possibly can,” she explained.

“I want them to laugh, I want them to cry, I want them to be angry, I want them to be motivated and inspired, I want them to be challenged and freed and lifted up and beaten down – I just… I want it all. I want it all from them.”
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Saturday, 05. October 2013