Haim hate moaning musicians

Haim can't understand why anyone would complain about being famous.

Haim have no time for pop stars who “moan”.

The rock band is formed of sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim and their cousin Dash Hutton.

Rising to prominence with tracks Don’t Save Me and The Wire, the group have worked hard for their success and can’t understand why anyone would complain about the life of a musician.

“This has simply been the best year of our lives," 21-year-old baby of the band Alana gushed to British newspaper The Sun.

“We just hate it when pop stars moan. Yes we are tired, as we only flew in late last night.

“But moan about this life? We’d never complain. This is everything we’ve ever wanted and even more exciting now our record is out.”

The sisters have always been musical, performing together in LA and back when they were at school.

When their first EP was successful, they couldn’t quite believe it.

“It was funny when we started to get radio play," Alana smiled.

“We’d had stuff on our MySpace for five years and no one cared.

“We put out our Forever EP just to show our friends we could release something. We’d been a band for so long we wanted to prove something.

“We were just another band in LA to them. It was to say, ‘See, we can record something.’"

It’s not just the sisters and their cousin who have musical talent in the family.

Este, Danielle and Alana started out playing with their parents in a band.

“We played together with our parents just for fun. Because there weren’t any kids our age that played rock music, we formed a band with Mom and Dad,” Este, 27, explained.

“We were lucky our parents wanted to play rock music and they had such good taste in music, so it worked.

“Everyone else was playing piano and violin, while we were playing guitar, bass and drums."
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Friday, 04. October 2013