Channing raps for daughter

Channing Tatum stops his daughter Everly from crying by beatboxing.

Channing Tatum beatboxes to soothe his baby daughter.

The Magic Mike hunk became a father for the first time when his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum gave birth to Everly in May. Channing is clearly relishing his daddy duties, with Jenna revealing her husband has an unusual way of keeping their little girl calm.

“The baby is crying and you’re like, ‘What do I do to make her stop crying?’” Jenna told US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. “And all of a sudden, he starts beatboxing and she starts cooing. I’m like, what? I have been rocking her. I have been swaying her. I’ve been doing squats and he gets here and he [beatboxes]. She would just fall asleep in his arms.”

Channing’s vocal percussion has proved such a hit with Everly that he has continued to perform for her – with Jenna joining in too.

“[He does it] till this day,” she smiled. “We beatbox what we’re doing during the day.”

It seems Channing isn’t just a natural at keeping Everly from crying. Jenna revealed that the 33-year-old actor is also first in line when it comes to changing the baby.

“[He is] the most amazing diaper changer. It’s like the one thing he knows he can do,” she laughed. "He’s like, ‘Let me get in there. Let me change those diapers.’ Here you go!

“He’s amazing. It’s funny – he’s so sensitive. He’s like this really strong big guy in life, but you give him this little baby and he’s like, ‘Oh my god, is she going to drop? Am I doing everything OK?’”

Jenna has already returned to work and is filming her TV show Witches of East End. She recently said that Channing has been a huge help caring for Everly while she is shooting scenes and he loves being a “set husband”.
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Wednesday, 02. October 2013