Jonas Brothers laugh at Miley

The Jonas Brothers think Miley is smart, but find her twerking laughable.

The Jonas Brothers laughed at Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance.

Miley dated baby of the group Nick Jonas during their Disney days, and the pair remain friends.

But far from being impressed by her foam-finger action at the recent MTV event, Nick says it made him laugh.

“She’s smart. She’s very smart. We’ve always known that about her. She’ll always be successful.

“[The performance] was funny — I was laughing,” Nick admitted to Out magazine.

The clean-cut brothers further elaborated on what they thought of the ‘twerking’ performance she gave alongside Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke.

They too have progressed from child entertainers to adult stars, and think Miley could have gone about her transition in a different way.

“It wasn’t my favourite performance of hers. I think that there’s one way of saying you’ve grown up, and there’s another way – I think that’s her way.

“Look, people are talking about it, so I think it’s working for what she wants,” said middle brother Joe.

The boys then went on to confess that they themselves are fans of the twerking dance move.

While Nick said he’d “reached his limit”, his brother shared a different opinion.

“I’m great [with twerking]. I’m with it. Bring it on. I’m a fan. I just think it’s appropriate for the right people. Not everyone can twerk,” laughed Joe.

The brothers got serious when they addressed rumours surrounding the band’s sexuality.

While they say the accusations don’t offend them, they are aware that certain stereotypes come with the showbiz territory.

“We have a lot of gay friends and gay fans. It’s a boy band stereotype; people assume, but we don’t take offence,” said Joe.

“Prior to us being a band, I was a super theatre geek. I loved theatre and I still do, and I care about fashion, and I care about a lot of things that I feel like stereotypes are attached to,” 21-year-old Nick said.
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Tuesday, 01. October 2013