1D's Louis 'almost engaged'

Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder are said to be planning their wedding.

Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend are reportedly “practically engaged”.

The One Direction star has been dating Eleanor Calder for almost two years, and it is thought Louis will pop the question on their anniversary later this year. The 21-year-old has apparently taken tips from bandmate Zayn Malik about picking the right ring.

“Louis and Eleanor are already practically engaged, really. They’ve always been very open when it comes to talking about marriage, and often discuss what kind of wedding they’ll have,” a source told British newspaper the Daily Star. “Now that Zayn and Perrie [Edwards] have got engaged, it’s naturally cropped up even more. So Louis thinks it’s time to make it official. In November, it’ll be two years since they fell in love, and he’s told pals he thinks it’d be a perfect time to properly ask her to marry him.”

Louis reportedly hopes this gesture will prove his love for the model. The engagement will also show how strong they are together.

“He really wants her to know just how important she is to him,” the insider added.

Louis previously voiced his concern for his girlfriend and family when they come under fire from die hard One Direction fans. The attention has become so much that Eleanor can’t even have her own Twitter account in fear that Louis’ admirers will threaten her.

“Things really bother me when they upset my family or Eleanor. I think I’m quite thick-skinned but if you’re going to do or say that, f**k you”, he recently told British newspaper The Sun.

“She gets pretty intimidated by it all. I mean, who wouldn’t? She can’t have Twitter or anything like that. I can’t expect her to deal with some of the stuff so easily. But I couldn’t be happier with her.”
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Tuesday, 01. October 2013