Sheeran: Santa saved me

Ed Sheeran managed to cut his hand while drumming with beer bottles.

Ed Sheeran’s injured hand was bandaged by “Santa”.

The redheaded star worried fans earlier this month when he took to Twitter to share a picture of his bloodied hand following a mysterious mishap.

He’s now revealed what happened and how a rather unexpected character helped him out.

“I was in a trailer park in Tennessee called Santa’s Pub and it was a karaoke caravan and there was this guy called Santa with a big white beard,” he explained to the BBC.

“I cut it drumming with beer bottles and there was a bit of glass sticking out of my hand.

“Santa obviously sees it all the time so he just pulls it out and wraps it up and we carried on drinking, which I thought would be fine, until I started getting really light-headed.

“I looked down at my shoes and they were covered in blood and the floor was covered in blood.”

Ed, 22, has been busy supporting his friend Taylor Swift on her Red Tour.

He’s currently working on his second album, which looks set to become an all-American affair for the Brit.

“I wanted to record it in England but the producer that was doing it has a studio in Malibu that he doesn’t leave, that’s his sanctuary,” he revealed.

“I wanted to do it in Suffolk but he’s not coming over from Malibu to Suffolk, sadly.”

He added that out of a possible 79 tunes he’s now picked 12 to grace the record.

It’s his first since 2011’s + and Ed has high hopes.

“Hopefully it will be good,” he grinned.
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Monday, 30. September 2013