Haim: There’s no drama

Haim says people will have to wait a long time if they want to see the bad implode, as they all get along so well.

Haim insist the only thing they argue about is borrowing each other’s clothes.

The American band consists of sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim, with Dash Hutton joining them on drums. The trio of siblings understand many expect their everyday lives to be fraught with tensions as they are family who work together, but they actually get along very well.

“There is really no drama. We have been playing in a band since we were, like, five,” Alana told USA Today. “If we were going to fall out and have our [UK band, famed for fiery arguments] Oasis moment, it would have happened ten years ago. The only time we ever have disagreements is when I want to borrow Danielle’s leather jacket and she doesn’t want to let me. That’s a fight.”

Haim’s debut album Days Are Gone came out earlier this month, although initially they’d hoped it would hit stores earlier. Playing shows with other bands hampered the recording process, although the group agree it was right for them to hit the road.

“It was hard for us to focus on just doing a record when people like Florence [Welch] and Marcus Mumford were asking us to go on tour,” Este explained. “We had to go on tour and come back to it, which really was kind of nice because being on the road is inspiring for us.”

The three sisters enjoy penning tracks about love and loss and hope women will find their record empowering. Although occasionally their own experiences feature in their lyrics, it’s usually their friends they turn to for inspiration.

“No song is strictly biographical we draw a lot of inspiration from our friends’ stories, too,” Este revealed. “We have three songwriters in the band. A lot of the songs are each of our stories, all melded. Whether we like it or not, we judge the quality of our lives based on the relationships that we have. I know I do.”
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Monday, 30. September 2013