Sly and Arnie's Saturday cigar

Sylvester Stallone thinks his friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger makes for "an amazing odyssey".

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone often have a cigar together at the weekend.

The two action heroes star in The Expendables 3 and have been friends for many years.

When they catch up it will normally involve some of their favourite pastimes: smoking and eating.

“Usually on a Saturday we meet in town and smoke a cigar and go to a restaurant and eat,” Sylvester revealed to Empire magazine.

“Arnold’s gone to this place, Cafe Roma, for years, and I’ve just started going there.”

Arnold added: “Sometimes we’ll end up in the same place without even knowing it.”

The two actors have so much in common, they even seem to experience the same injuries.

In 2012 both stars woke up at the same hospital, having undergone surgery on their shoulders.

“So I get rolled out [of surgery] and I’m waking up from the little sleep, and surgeon comes by and says, ‘Did you guys already talk?’ I said, ‘Who?’ [Mimes looking at Sylvester and doing a double take].

“‘What the f**k? What are you doing here?’ He’s lying there with the shot sticking out of him…” Arnold recalled.

“Same f**king needle! Same arm!” Sylvester added.

Arnold, 66, and Sylvester, 67, may be content with appearing in front of the camera right now.

However, one day they hope someone else will decide to make a biopic about them.

“I’m telling you, if someone ever made the movie about the two action guys…” Sylvester said.

“Man, the side trips we’ve had. I’ve been around a long time, but I’ve never seen this combination: doing business together, wars, fights, action, going off here, comebacks. It’s an amazing odyssey.”
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Saturday, 28. September 2013