Jason Derülo jealous of Jordin's film kiss

Jason Derülo still gets jealous when he sees his girlfriend Jordin Sparks with another man as part of her job.

Jason Derülo “cringed” when he saw Jordin Sparks smooch another man in a film.

The two singers have been dating for well over a year and have already spoken about marriage. Although their relationship is serious and committed, Jason can’t help getting jealous at times.

“When I watched Jordin kissing a guy in Sparkle – Whitney Houston’s last movie – I cringed. She’s shooting her next video soon and I’ll definitely be there when she does!” he laughed to Now magazine.

As the couple are both in show business, they often have to spend time apart. That can be hard on their relationship, but they have found ways to ensure they don’t miss each other too much.

“Jordin and I Skype and Facetime every day – and talk dirty a bit too! I get some shocking messages from fans – it’s crazy. I’m like, ‘Is this a real person? Do they know other people are looking at this message?’ They don’t care that everyone sees it!” he giggled.

Jason and Jordin were friends before they became romantically involved. It wasn’t a case of love at first sight, with Jason admitting it took him a while to realise she was The One.

Now he is adamant they will be together forever and has even penned a song for her.

“The Other Side, with the line, ‘Sparks fly like the Fourth of July,’ is about her. I knew that when we took that step from friends to lovers, there was no turning back – but sometimes you can’t control these things – especially after a couple of drinks!” he said.
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Saturday, 28. September 2013