Claire Danes on 'euphoric' motherhood

Claire Danes felt so "grounded and soft" when she became a mom last year.

Claire Danes was in a “euphoric bubble” after giving birth.

The actress welcomed son Cyrus, her first child with husband Hugh Dancy, in December last year. Claire had to film some traumatic scenes for her role as Carrie Mathison in Homeland shortly after becoming a mom. She admits it was difficult to switch between her work and home life.

“I was so grounded and soft and cushy, in my little euphoric mommy bubble, and then I had to go to the very other end of the spectrum,” she told British magazine Grazia.

“I was nervous about it. I was also a brand new mom, so I couldn’t have been in a more antithetical mode.”

Season three of Homeland will shortly air in the US. Claire says the new episodes focus on the tough choices people make when they become intelligence officers

“It’s about the sacrifices these characters make in order to serve their country. By definition, espionage is very isolating and it’s very taxing,” she explained. “You have no control over where you’re sent to and you’re there doing very risky things and collecting weighty secrets that you are not allowed to share with even your most intimate partner. That’s hugely burdensome.”

Claire also gave an insight into Carrie’s state of mind in season three. The character has an ongoing battle with bipolar disorder and is “off her meds again” as the show returns.

“She’s more isolated, more disillusioned and more estranged than she’s ever been,” Claire said. “At the beginning of the second season, she was estranged from her job, but now she no longer has her lover, or her mentor Saul – it’s incredibly upsetting.”
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Saturday, 28. September 2013