Timberlake: I want to re-work musicals

Justin Timberlake wants to bring his own flair to musical movies.

Justin Timberlake wants to revamp movie musicals.

The former ‘N Sync singer appears in Inside Llewyn Davis with Carey Mulligan and got to show off his vocal skills in the flick about the 1960s folk scene in New York City.

Now that he’s tackled both acting and music, he plans on combining the experiences to transform entertainment for good.

“Funnily enough, I have a film with one of the national treasures here, Carey Mulligan, the Cohen Brothers film, which was actually the first time I’ve ever got to sing in a movie,” Justin shared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man TV show.

“The funny thing about me is I’ve been trying to find a way to modernise and re-work the musical, so I’ve been pitching people more than they’ve been pitching me about stuff like that.

“I think there could be something interesting on how to do it.”

Justin’s other recent movie credits include 2010 drama The Social Network as well as 2011’s Friends with Benefits. The 32-year-old hitmaker admits he worried his peers would assume he had a big ego on set but he soon realised his co-workers had bigger things to focus on.

“At the end of the day you know, when everyone’s on set, you’re there to work, so you just kind of head down, and you do your work, and I think at some point… Hollywood’s such a small town and I think at some point, they start to pass that around,” he shared. “But I think I probably got away with really low expectations, so it was great for me.

“I think they probably thought I would be coming in with a huge writer, dressing room… so I think they had low expectations.”

Inside Llewyn Davis is scheduled for US release in December.
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Friday, 27. September 2013