Katy: Elton is my hero

Katy Perry says Elton John is her inspiration.

Katy Perry loves that Sir Elton John speaks his mind.

The pop star is friends with the British music legend, who has been a huge influence on her. She looks up to him as an icon and a teacher.

“Elton John is a man that speaks his mind. Still to this day, I love all his takes on life and opinions,” Katy told Z100 morning radio host Elvis Duran at the iHeart Radio Music Festival.

Katy feels Elton is her inspiration in life and music and hopes to one day be like him.

“He actually says what I feel a lot of people want to say, but we are just not that Elton John iconic level yet, she added. “He says the truth. I love his sense of humour and he says it how he sees it and his music, of course, is amazing.”

Katy also opened up about her eccentricities, saying her behaviour could be compared to Howard Hughes when it comes to germs. He was a famed business magnate and aviator who was known for having obsessive compulsive disorder.

“I am so OCD. I always want to put things in alphabetical order,” she said.

When Duran jokingly offered to lick her face, Katy immediately refused. “Nope, I have make-up on and I have to go on stage,” she told him.

Excited about her performance at the festival, Katy also opened up about her relationship with radio. The singer believes the medium is one of the reasons her career has been so successful as it helped her win many new fans.

“I feel like my relationship with radio is super important. I feel that’s more than half the reason I have the success I have," she said.

“When I first started out, I was going over to every radio station, meeting all the people that direct all the different songs on the radio and having like bloomin’ onions with them at Outback Steakhouse and introducing my music to them and making them feel like we have a connection.”
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Thursday, 26. September 2013