Katy 'shocked' by Russell's girl

Katy Perry is said to be upset by ex-husband Russell Brand dating Jemima Khan.

Katy Perry is reportedly “shocked” by Russell Brand’s new girlfriend.

The pop star and British comedian were married for 13 months before divorcing in 2012.

Russell has since been spotted with a string of women, including former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. However he is now thought to be getting serious with writer and campaigner Jemima Khan.

Katy is allegedly surprised at her former beau’s new love interest and is sad about how they bond more than she and Russell ever did.

“Katy has laughed off Russell’s new relationship, but she is actually quite shocked as she sees Jemima as her polar opposite, yet she knows how much Jemima and Russell have in common, like their spirituality and love for travelling,” a source told British magazine Star.

Katy is currently dating musician John Mayer, who she has been seeing on/off following her split from Russell. While the couple seem to be loved up, it is thought she is upset to see her ex-husband moving on so quickly.

“Considering Russell divorced Katy due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ last year, it’s difficult to see him move on with someone he is so in tune with,” the source added. “He may have dated other girls but he’s very taken with Jemima, even writing about it, which has hurt Katy.”

Russell and Jemima have known each other for several years now. It is believed this long-term friendship makes Katy feel as though he is more affectionate towards his new girlfriend than he was with her.

“Russell didn’t give Katy the same level of attentiveness when they were together. She finds it hurtful how in awe of Jemima Russell appears to be and how she manages to keep him on his toes, yet Katy was the one that had to put in the effort with Russell when they were together,” the insider concluded.
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Thursday, 26. September 2013