Jackman: Wolverine toys are weird

Hugh Jackman finds it "uncomfortable" to know toys that look like him are on sale.

Hugh Jackman jokes people probably “stick pins” in toys that look like him.

The actor stars in the Wolverine franchise, and the X-Men character has spawned a successful merchandise range. Hugh wonders what people who own toys in his likeness do with them in the privacy of their own home.

“There’s something a little uncomfortable about seeing toys that actually do look like you,” he told British magazine Shortlist. “Then I always imagine people are stuffing it in their freezer or sticking pins in it.”

Hugh’s latest big screen outing is in Prisoners. In the crime thriller, the hunk plays a father who goes in search of his missing daughter and her friend after losing faith in a detective.

The movie has a twist at the end, but Hugh admits he never saw it coming when he first read the script.

“No. I’m very gullible,” he laughed. “I’m the last person to catch anything in any movie.”

Hugh’s character Keller Dover is a carpenter and a staunch survivalist in the film.

At first, the star was sceptical about Keller’s strong beliefs – but a trip to Canada made him think again.

“I was a little judgmental about the survivalist movement. I was like, ‘C’mon, do we really need six months’ worth of tinned ham in the basement?’ But maybe it is a little naive to think that someone has got you covered. To think that the government will sort it out,” he said. “Interestingly, I was recently in Montreal and there was something wrong with the water supply to the city so no one was allowed to drink tap water for 24 hours. And I thought… ‘What if that was a week? What if it was two weeks?’ You realise we do have a collective trust and I’m not sure it’s 100 per cent earned.”
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Thursday, 26. September 2013