Jessie J quits UK for US

Jessie J is quitting the UK to focus on breaking into the US.

Jessie J is leaving the UK to make it in the US.

The singer is determined to be successful in America and will stop at nothing to make that happen.

“The US is such a big market to break. It’s such a different thing out there,” she told British newspaper The Mirror. “I don’t like doing anything half-heartedly, so I don’t wanna do the US until I can be there – so I’m gonna live there next year.”

Although Jessie lived on the West Coast for a short while when she was 17, this time she wants to be on the East Coast.

“I’d rather live in New York even though it’s easier to break through when you live in LA. New York’s more like London,” she said.

And the 25-year-old will not be travelling alone. She is determined to take her friends with her for support and good times.

“I’ve grown up a lot and I’ve realised that what I need to make myself happy is the people around you,” Jessie explains. “I’ll make sure people come with me – I’ll just give all my friends a job.”

Although Jessie was replaced by Kylie Minogue as a judge on The Voice UK recently , she has no hard feelings whatsoever.

“I’d love to write for Kylie,” she admits. “I’m excited to see The Voice, I’m excited to see it as a fan. She hasn’t replaced me – we’re completely different people and I know we’ll be completely different coaches.”
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Wednesday, 25. September 2013