Patrick says Paul launched career

Patrick Dempsey credits his fame to Sir Paul McCartney.

Patrick Dempsey says Sir Paul McCartney made him a star.

The actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show this week and said the music icon is responsible for his success.

Patrick starred in a 1987 film called Can’t Buy Me Love, which is also the name of a famous Beatles song. But according to Patrick, the film was almost a dud due to a different name.

“It was originally called Boy Rents Girl. I know, it sounds like a porno film!” Patrick told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance on his show.

“And then one of the executives said, ’We need to come up with a new title, this is not testing well.’ And somebody said, ‘Let’s call it Can’t Buy Me Love and get the Beatles song,’ and the rest is history. I was surprised they spent the money on it!”

Patrick went on to joke that although the film launched his career, he only received around $5,000 for it – less than they paid to use the song.

And he used that money to buy himself a nice car.

“I bought a car with it – a 1963 365 Porsche convertible. Smartest move I ever made! I still have it, I drive it all the time!” he laughed.

Patrick stars in TV medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, which will soon air its 200th episode.
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Wednesday, 25. September 2013