Tina Fey's 'Girls advice'

Tina Fey reportedly gave Allison Williams life advice that included “don’t smoke”.

Tina Fey apparently advised Allison Williams to wear a bra.

The two stars used to work together, with the Girls actress overheard saying at a Hollywood Reporter Emmys party that she previously took on the role of Tina’s assistant.

Now Allison is a celebrity in her own right, but she can reportedly still remember the words of wisdom the Hollywood veteran passed on during her first job.

“Allison said that Tina’s advice to her class was, ‘Wear a bra, don’t smoke,’” a spy told the New York Post’s Page Six.

Allison, 24, now plays Marni on hit HBO show Girls.

The onset wardrobe is pretty unforgiving and the pretty star joked she is finding it hard to live up to Tina’s expectations.

“But now I work on Girls, where wardrobe doesn’t even let you wear a bra! You can’t find one anywhere on set,” she was reportedly overheard saying.

Tina and Allison both attended the Emmy Awards over the weekend.

Allison turned up in a gorgeous blue Ralph Lauren gown to support Girls, which was nominated in the best comedy series category.

Tina was in direct competition with her former employee, as her show 30 Rock was also battling for the best comedy prize.

However, both ladies went home empty handed as they lost out to Modern Family.
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Tuesday, 24. September 2013