Justin Timberlake on ‘zexual’ album

The second half of Justin Timberlake's album is like a "more experienced older sister".

Justin Timberlake has called the second half of his album “zexual with a z”.

The singer-and-actor is currently focusing on his music career and decided to split his record The 20/20 Experience in two.

His second instalment is due for release on September 27 and Justin says fans can expect something hot and steamy.

“The first half was songs that reminded me of the sun being out. It’s gonna sound cliché, but I’m a fan of the second half. It’s been tough to wait this long. These songs on the second half, they were kind of the antithesis of the songs on the first half. The second half is a little bit darker, a little more ‘zexual’… with a z!” he promised BBC Radio 1.

“The first [half] is true love; you’re a freshman at high school and you meet this girl and you go over to her house to try and impress the parents.

“The second half is you get there and realize she has an older sister… and you sit down at dinner and she gives you that look… you know what look I’m talking about! Older, more experienced… slightly, and by that I mean a lot, more ‘zexual’!”

The first disc of Justin’s latest album was released in March.

He revealed why he decided to do it in two drops, rather than making a double record.

“I had so many songs. I wrote them all and demo’d them a year ago and then listening to them all, I just didn’t wanna cut anything,” he admitted.

“The original concept was one double album. Then we thought it would be fun to stagger them and do like a spring/fall… that sounds like a fashion collection!”

Justin, 32, won an impressive four MTV Video Music Awards this year.

While he might not like to brag about his achievements, Justin’s mother sees things a little differently.

“I don’t keep any of that stuff at my house. My mom does. She’s very proud,” he laughed.

“I got a participation ribbon when I played soccer when I was ten and she was like, ’I’m so proud!’ I was like, ‘It just means I was there!’ She’s taken that down [now]; a couple of Grammys, she’s good!”
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Monday, 23. September 2013