Jackman: I’m too thin-skinned

Hugh Jackman learned how to not take critics seriously on stage.

Hugh Jackman ignores negative feedback because he’s too sensitive.

The Wolverine star learned his craft in the theatre and he’s learned over the years to ignore bad reviews because he known he’s going to make mistakes no matter what.

“I don’t read reviews,” he told Variety. “I’m too thin-skinned. It sort of came from the theatre actually with me. In the theatre, [reviews] mess you up, good and bad.

“Because you got to go out there every night and people’s opinions about it, even if it’s down to someone [writing], ‘Ahhh, love the way Mr. Jackman says this line.’ And then forget it, that line’s dead, forever more,” he explained.

Hugh is currently working on forthcoming thriller Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal.

His co-star echoed his sentiment, revealing he refuses to use movie ticket sales as an indicator of his success.

“It’s roll[ing] the dice,” Jake said. “If you enjoy gambling, which at times I do, but most of the time, I’m not very good at.

“I just prefer to stick to trying to pick the projects that move me and believe that if they move me and I put everything I can into them, that they will be seen and hopefully by a large number of people.”

Jake also moaned that box office results make the news every week, taking the excitement out of visiting the cinema.

“It’s interesting too that most people walking down the street, not even involved in the business at all, already know what [the number one movie in the box office] is,” he commented. “It takes a great mystery out of the whole process and a little bit of the magic [out] of the whole thing.”
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Friday, 20. September 2013