Gwyneth: Apple is too smart

Gwyneth Paltrow is having trouble leading intelligent conversations with her daughter Apple because she learns from the Internet.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter has an “incredible brain”.

The actress has nine-year-old girl, Apple, with Coldplay rocker Chris Martin, and seven-year-old son Moses.

Their eldest child is extremely smart and Gwyneth finds it tough to explain the world to her.

“She has such an incredible brain so she’ll ask me anything from what happens when our universe stops—what’s next?” she told E! News. "She asks me about why bad things happen, if there’s a devil? Is God real or is it an energy?

“She’s super-smart. She asked me like really big stuff.”

Gwyneth stars in new flick Thanks for Sharing, with singer and fellow mother Pink.

The thespian is concerned that kids these days are educated about certain topics prematurely.

“The Internet is causing some of these conversations to happen earlier and earlier,” she said. "She was exposed to a little something—not anything too bad, thank goodness—but by a friend who has older brothers and it’s too early.

“She’s only nine and she’s an innocent nine, so we haven’t really gotten to it yet."

Still the parent is happy that her little girl feels she can open up about her thoughts and feelings.

She reassures Apple that she doesn’t have all the answers to life’s mysteries though.

“I just say, ‘There are things on the Internet that are really upsetting and even as a grownup that are too upsetting for me,’” she added. “And if she has any questions please come to me and she’ll never be in trouble but that the Internet is not safe.”
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Friday, 20. September 2013