Keys 'crashes wrong house'

Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz reportedly started a party in the wrong house.

Alicia Keys apparently shocked a sleeping woman by partying in the wrong house recently.

The singer and her husband Swizz Beatz had been renting a property in the exclusive Hamptons, New York, to mark the end of the summer. It seems the stars were so eager to make the most of their vacation, they accidentally went into someone else’s home on the same road late one night with a group of pals.

“They were confused and accidentally entered the wrong house,” a source told New York Post’s Page Six.

The revelry reportedly woke a woman sleeping upstairs, who assumed it was one of her children letting off steam. She was surprised to find a world-famous singer downstairs when she went to investigate.

“There was a woman upstairs in the bedroom at the house, and she heard noises downstairs. The woman’s daughter, a recent college grad, and her friends had been ‘pre-gaming’ earlier in the night before going out, so she assumed that the noise was that they’d all returned home," an insider revealed. "[Instead she found] a number of strangers, men and women, in her kitchen. She was startled.”

Alicia and Swizz soon realised their mistake and the woman handled the situation with good humour. Her daughter was said to be “delighted” to later learn that the award-winning star had been partying in her home.

The mansion is apparently owned by mining mogul Ivan Glasenberg, who was not there at the time.
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Tuesday, 17. September 2013