Derülo was 'hardcore' drinker

Jason Derülo admits he drank too much before his neck injury in 2012.

Jason Derülo drank “hardcore” before his accident last year.

The Other Side hitmaker suffered a fractured neck while rehearsing for his Future History Tour shows in 2012.

The horrific incident, which almost left him paralysed, forced him to cancel the performances and it took seven months in a neck brace for his injury to fully heal.

Prior to the accident Jason admits his excessive drinking left him out of control and he believes the severe fracture was a wakeup call for him to change his ways.

“I was hardcore drinking every single night. I was partying until crazy times in the evening then getting on the plane at six in the morning, walking in the airport like a zombie because I was drunk and hungover from the last nights,” he revealed to The Huffington Post UK.

“Before my accident I was on autopilot. I don’t really think that was the right road. I was not being smart. Being young and somebody who travels the world, you can easily get caught up and kind of lose yourself in it all. I think my injury really helped to wake me up a little bit.”

At just 23 years old Jason, whose girlfriend is fellow musician Jordin Sparks, admits the alcohol problem got so bad at one point he lost his voice. This caused him to postpone recording his second album Future History as couldn’t sing.

“When I was writing my second album I was drinking every single night, like hardcore. At one point I lost my voice and I couldn’t record for a couple of weeks because I was drinking just coffee and alcohol,” he recalled.

Now recovered from his battle, Jason is preparing to tour his upcoming third album Tattoos. Rehearsing for eight hours a day for the shows, the Haitian-American star was initially worried he didn’t have the stamina for being on the road again.

“When I started dancing again, it was tough because moves that I’d been doing my whole life became the hardest moves. It was like, ‘Am I going to be able to do this again?’ It was a really scary moment. My equilibrium was totally off,” he confessed.
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Tuesday, 17. September 2013