Niall Horan 'dodges romance radar'

Niall Horan is rumored to be dating his former squeeze Zoe Whelan again.

Niall Horan is reportedly keeping his secret romance “completely under the radar”.

The One Direction heartthrob is thought to have reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Irish model Zoe Whelan. The pair dated for several months earlier this year, with Zoe even accompanying Niall to his brother’s wedding. They eventually parted ways due to his intense work schedule, but the singer apparently couldn’t get over the blonde beauty.

“Niall wants everything kept completely under the radar, as he feels they simply won’t survive if they’re being watched. But the truth is, he’s mad about her and when he’s in Ireland they’re spending almost every second together,” an insider told British magazine Heat.

One Direction have been incredibly busy lately, performing all over the world on their Take Me Home Tour and promoting their movie This Is Us. Despite this, Niall has made sure he’s found time for Zoe.

“Over the past three months she’s flown out on four different occasions to meet him over in London and be close to him. Although they would prefer to keep the relationship quiet, they actually get to hook up together a lot more than you’d think and Zoe is a regular face backstage at their gigs,” the insider explained.

The Irish singer’s bandmates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik are said to be totally supportive of Niall.

“All the other lads in the band are aware of how much he likes her and even though things have been on and off at times, he’s always felt she was the only girl he wanted a proper relationship with,” the source explained.

Niall and Zoe initially split around June time and she was open about the difficulties the relationship brought her. One Direction are known for having over-zealous fans, with many bombarding her with cruel messages after hearing she and Niall were an item.

“I still get hate mail and death threats,” she said after the break up.

“I’m strong though and stuff like that just makes you stronger.

“To think that people spend so much time being so negative, writing nasty things and doing mock-up photographs and setting up haters of Zoe Whelan pages, it’s really sad.”
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Tuesday, 17. September 2013