Hilton avoids housework

Paris Hilton has never cleaned the toilet or washed her own clothes.

Paris Hilton is proud to have never cleaned a toilet.

The hotel heiress has a reputation for being spoilt, which she is adamant is unfair. She works hard as a DJ and singer and has her own perfume lines, meaning she simply has little time for domestic chores.

“Hell no! I’ve never actually cleaned a toilet,” she told British magazine Heat, when quizzed about her housekeeping routine.

“The bins? You mean take out my own trash? [Thinks.] Well, I guess Christmas time… when they get stacked up, I take stuff out if it stinks. Actually, I’m lying a little – I never take out the trash.”

The star also doesn’t wash her own clothes and avoids large food shops, insisting she travels so much it’s not economical to stock up her cupboards.

Paris, 32, is currently dating Spanish model River Viiperi, who is a decade younger than her. Her mother Kathy is delighted she is finally settling down and the star has no problem with being with a younger man.

“We act the same age anyway, and I’ve dated older guys. But, to be honest, River’s a perfect match. I’ve decided I’m going to be 21 forever anyway,” she said.

“No [I won’t age]. I’m 21 forever. Don’t put my real age in, just put 21. I have regular facials, stay out of the sun and use the best face creams.”

Paris was famously targeted by a group of American girls who craved the celebrity life and broke into a number of A-listers’ homes to steal from them. The story was the inspiration behind Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring movie, with Paris’ home breached on six different occasions.

The burglars managed to get in using a key left under the mat which they had copied. Paris had so many possessions she didn’t notice some of them had gone missing, but is now much more safety conscious.

“Now, I have cameras everywhere, motion sensors, trip-up alarms, laser beams,” she explained. “It’s like Mission: Impossible, getting into my house. It’s more secure than the White House. They will never get into my property again. Mark my words.”
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Tuesday, 17. September 2013