Styles’ cousin clawing to the top

Harry Styles’ relative is trying to make it big without relying on his famous cousin.

Harry Styles’ cousin is reportedly struggling to make it big with his own pop band.

The 19-year-old One Direction star is enjoying epic success with his bandmates, who recently sold out their world tour, while Ben Salley, a singer for a group called Concept, is said to be scraping by waiting on his turn for fame.

According to UK newspaper The Mirror, Ben’s latest show was held Saturday at Southampton’s West Quay Shopping Centre, where tickets sold for £3.

Apparently a mere 60 tickets were sold at the event, a far cry from the thousands of fans One Direction is playing to around the globe.

Karim Newton, Matt Goodenough, Scott Dicks and Nathan Gittens make up Concept with Ben, who regularly trades jibes with his cousin over Twitter, The Mirror reports.

The less-famous cousin recently opened up to a local newspaper about supporting Harry through his meteoric rise to pop stardom.

Ben admitted it was his relative’s appearance on the X Factor UK, where 1D was formed, that inspired him to pursue singing professionally, although he has no intention of capitalising on Harry’s success.

“I went to see him on The X Factor and thought I would never be able to do that. But I sat in my room playing guitar and getting better, and realised I can sing,” Ben admitted.

“I don’t really like to use Harry as in ‘look, I’m Harry Styles’ cousin, come and watch my band.’ I want my own success. But One Direction do inspire me. I still haven’t got over how famous they are.”
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Tuesday, 17. September 2013