Jackman’s wife will fight for kids

Hugh Jackman says his wife Deborra-Lee Furness would do anything to keep their children safe.

Hugh Jackman’s wife is fiercely protective of their children.

The actor and his spouse Deborra-Lee Furness are parents to 13-year-old son Oscar and eight-year-old daughter Ava.

As much as he loves the pair, the doting dad knows Deborra-Lee wouldn’t rely solely on him to ensure the safety of their youngsters.

“I’d go a long way, but forget me, because my wife would be like, ‘Out of my way!’ She would just lay waste to landscape,” he admitted about their tight-knit family to Extra TV.

The 44-year-old was discussing his new film Prisoners, in which he plays a parent who takes matters into his own hands when his child’s missing person case gets put on hold.

Despite her gutsy personality, Hugh’s wife was still nervous when viewing his latest flick.

“Although I have to say, watching my character for about an hour and a half, she was gripping my hand during the movie. I had nail marks in my hand,” he confessed.

Hugh also discussed the challenges of getting into shape for his latest movie.

Although the star had lost huge amounts of weight for his role in Les Misérables and toned up for his part as X-Men character Wolverine, Hugh said his part in Prisoners pushed him to the limit.

“It was the most sustained, intense thing I’ve ever done,” he admitted. “I kept thinking about the real-life stories. I kept thinking about the families, and at times I thought about my own children.”

Hugh recently said his performance did not go unmatched, however. He credited co-star Jake Gyllenhaal with “extracting every ounce of depth” from scenes and gives the 32-year-old credit for being courageous as an artist.

“What always impressed me about Jake was his steadfast commitment to connection,” Hugh told V Man magazine. “His work ethic is like mine: he loves to explore, dig and extract every ounce of depth in a scene.”
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Monday, 16. September 2013