Britney earning Vegas big bucks

Britney Spears will reportedly be earning $310,000 for each Las Vegas show, but still won't be raking in as much as Céline Dion.

Britney Spears apparently won’t earn more than Céline Dion in Las Vegas.

Her concert residency in Sin City begins this fall and she is rumoured to receive $310,000 per show, which would add up to $15 million a year.

However, TMZ claims it’s not a patch on Céline, who performs at Caesars Palace.

According to the website, Britney has a two-year contract that asks for 48 shows per annum at Planet Hollywood, reportedly paying $310,000 a go.

Céline, 45, apparently earns $476,000 per show and performs 70 a year.

While the Canadian singer may be earning a higher wage, Britney reportedly gets more time off.

Each show is expected to rake in $508,514, which means Britney’s takings would be more than 60 per cent of the income.

A “club-like” vibe has apparently been agreed on for the performances, shunning classic Vegas shows that have gone before Britney’s.

Britney, 31, has been busy promoting her new single Work B***h.

The track was due for release today, but was leaked online yesterday, much to the star’s disappointment.

However, she hasn’t let the setback get her down and thanked fans for their support on Twitter, even promising them an exciting announcement tomorrow.

“I am truly overwhelmed and so grateful for all of your support. The Britney Army is amazing. I may have teared up a little…. I
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Monday, 16. September 2013