MGMT: We were cyncial

MGMT believe their heads weren't in the right place when they wrote their second record Congratulations.

MGMT’s second album was the result of them feeling “cynical” about the industry.

Musicians Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden make up the US band, which burst onto the scene with debut record Oracular Spectacular in 2007. It spawned hits such as Kids and Time to Pretend and sold over one million copies worldwide, but their second effort Congratulations wasn’t such a hit in 2010.

Andrew is in no doubt about why that was.

“We were worn out. I think the record label would have loved it if we wrote another song like Kids, but our heads weren’t there. We’d been touring and were left feeling cynical,” he told British magazine Grazia.

“People had an expectation of what we should sound like. They came to a conclusion about what we were as a band; when we returned with something that didn’t match, they took it personally.”

The pair toured with their second LP but then took a year off to regroup. They are in no doubt that was the best decision they ever made as it helped them get their music mojo back.

“I had moved to New York and turned 30. We just managed to regroup and become normal people again,” Andrew explained. “And turning that age milestone helped us reach a place where we realised what we liked and what we didn’t – in people, things and music. We felt like we were starting from scratch again as a band.”
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Sunday, 15. September 2013