Ora shows off new ink

Rita Ora got a tattoo of a Vargas pin-up girl this week.

Rita Ora has a tattoo of a topless woman on her ribcage.

The 22-year-old singer showed off her latest body art on Instagram at the weekend.

“Say hello to my new little friend Rosetta…thank you @bangbangnyc she’s beautiful,” she wrote.

Rita poses topless in the accompanying photo, revealing the black and white image of a woman looking up at a flower.

Tattoo artist “Bang Bang” McCurdy told E! News the image is a “realistic version of a Vargas painting of a pin-up girl”.

“When she’s standing it’s about 7 inches tall, but when she’s laying down it’s about 10 inches, plus,” Bang Bang said, revealing it’s the “most detailed” body etching he’s done on a celebrity.

Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles are among Bang Bang’s most high-profile clients.

Rita went with her fashion model pal Cara Delevingne to get inked by the tattoo artist in New York City on Wednesday and spent five hours in the chair.

He said Cara is getting ready for her sixth tattoo very soon.

“Cara actually texted me the next day and wanted to come in for another one,” he said, adding that he offered a bit of advice.

“She really wanted me to tattoo her favorite piece of food, but I told her to wait a bit, just to see if she still wants it.”
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Sunday, 15. September 2013