Charlie Sheen: College would be fun

Charlie Sheen might go to university because it sounds “hella fun”.

Charlie Sheen thinks it would be “hella fun” to attend university after recently getting his high school diploma.

The 48-year-old actor waited 30 years to get his hands on the certificate after falling short of qualifications by one-and-a-half points as a teen.

He never looked back as his acting career took off.

Decades later, despite only attending 33 per cent of classes at Santa Monica High School, Charlie would technically be able to apply for university.

It’s something the star says he might consider, although he would only pursue higher education from a California university.

“I’d try to stay local,” Charlie told TMZ, adding the experience would be “hella fun”.

“Could you imagine? I would totally be like Dangerfield,” he said in reference to 1986 flick Back To School, about a rich businessman who enters school late in life to help his son.

The Anger Management star is currently trumping the college experience of most men. Charlie says he’s now living with three so-called “goddesses” and insists he gives all of his partners equal attention.

“These three are pretty incredible,” he shared about the ladies. “It’s not just a pile-up every night, it’s mono and mono.”

As for his diploma, Charlie admits he used his attendance and generosity at charity events as a way to persuade his alma mater to award him with a plaque.

He isn’t sure yet whether to proudly parade it or tuck it away where it can’t be seen.

“I don’t know man,” he admitted about where he would display it. “I’m gonna get a spotlight. Get it cordoned off or maybe just put it in a drawer.”
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Thursday, 12. September 2013