Thicke: My marriage is wild

Robin Thicke describes his union with wife Paula Patton as the most "dysfunctional marriage in Hollywood".

Robin Thicke thinks he has the most “dysfunctional marriage in Hollywood”.

The Blurred Lines star has been married to actress Paula Patton for eight years and the couple have three-year-old son Julian together.

Robin has been making headlines recently due to his supposed risqué behaviour with other women. He danced provocatively with Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMAs and one woman has accused him of grabbing her butt. Despite the negative comments flying around the singer insists he and Paula’s marriage works perfectly.

“[Our union is] the greatest love story of the century, and the most functional, dysfunctional marriage in Hollywood,” he laughed to US magazine Star.

The pair are so comfortable with their relationship they encourage each other when taking on scandalous roles. Robin is already planning how he and Paula will address their line of work when their son begins asking about it.

“We’re not teachers and lawyers,” he explained. “Mommy has shown her naked body for roles and Daddy has been around naked bodies, it’s just what we do. I’m sure he’ll get a little ribbing at school, but at least Mommy looks great naked and Daddy’s song was a hit!"

The couple met when Robin was just 14-years-old. Even at that young age the 36-year-old musician knew the brunette beauty was the girl for him. Years on he admits he can’t imagine his life without her.

“I knew she was special the night I met her. I was only 14, but she was already the most special girl," he explained. "As a relationship progresses, you fall in love again in so many deeper ways. You realise that you need each other and you can’t live without each other.
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Wednesday, 11. September 2013