Miley's back!

Have you seen her new video 'Wrecking ball' yet?

Ok. We know you have and everyone knows that Miley just ’can’t stop’.
What we have here is some naked body, hammer – licking (yes, you heard us right… hammer – licking) and lots of sexual references. But is this really something that could shock you nowadays?

Let us remind everyone there have been tons of other music videos featuring body, more body and… oh, more body. And no one really complained.

The completely naked ladies in 50 Cent’s ‘PIMP’ video, the Katy Perry’s bottocks in “California gurls”, Gaga’s, Rihanna’s or Britney’s bath tub appearances. And let’s not forget the ever shocking Madonna or Eric Prydz fitness video. Even Justin Timberlake features a completely nude chick in his latest ‘Tunnel vision’.

So, have a blast from the past with these shots and decide for yourself. Does Miley really deserve all that hate?

Tuesday, 10. September 2013