Swift's secret Styles meal

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles reportedly enjoyed a secret dinner date after the VMAs.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles reportedly had a “heart to heart” over a meal.

Following Taylor’s acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs where she “thanked the person who inspired” her hit I Knew You Were Trouble the cameras zoomed in on Harry, who shifted uncomfortably in his chair and is widely thought to have been her inspiration.

But reports say once the ceremony was over he made a beeline for Taylor and apologised for their messy breakup in February.

“Taylor and Harry had a heart to heart. He’s very funny, so can make her defences come down easily,” a source told Britain’s Look magazine.

“He told her she was the most stunning girl at the awards and that he was mad to let her go.”

Taylor, 23, accepted his offer of dinner, and Harry even said he’d enjoyed a mocktail with the singer when asked about the rendezvous at the This Is Us New York premiere.

It seems like this won’t be the only occasion they’ll spend time together.

“They’re planning another dinner when they’re in the same city. Taylor’s happy to be back in touch with him, as they have a lot of laughs together but she was hurt and she’s cautious of going there again,” the source said.

One Direction star Harry has been coy about his current relationship status.

Talking to Britain’s Fabulous magazine Harry said he was single, but that there was someone occupying his thoughts.

“I’ve got someone in mind. There’s always someone who’s the person you think about if something happens,” he said.
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Sunday, 08. September 2013