Gomez gives all for mom

Selena Gomez has a good support network at home.

Selena Gomez’s mom always “pushes” her to succeed.

The actress started out as a Disney Channel star and is now appearing in risqué projects such as Spring Breakers and her latest project Getaway.

While some have questioned the 21-year-old’s daring decisions, Selena’s parents are always behind her.

“You have different people who come into your life and they affect you and leave an impact on you,” she mused to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“Whether it’s projects, friends or directors, it’s just an opportunity that people give me, which I love. My mom definitely pushes me to do better.”

In Getaway, Selena stars alongside Hollywood legend Ethan Hawke.

Without her parents on set, the young star turned to 42-year-old Ethan for guidance.

“We would always go to McDonald’s – well, I would at least, that was our thing,” she smiled.

“He was really nice, and when I got tired and stressed he would definitely cheer me up.”

In Spring Breakers, Selena played a teenager who dabbles with the party lifestyle, while in Getaway she holds a gun, which the actress recently said made her feel “badass”.

She’s not worried about what fans will think of her latest movies.

“I already did Spring Breakers and they get it,” she said.

“Half the time kids my age or younger don’t get enough credit, but they can see that I just get to be a completely different character. They’ll enjoy it.”
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Sunday, 08. September 2013