John is no kissing Legend

John Legend had to have kissing lessons when he first started dating.

John Legend was a “complete failure” when he first started kissing.

The musician is known as something of a lothario thanks to his smooth tunes, although he is firmly off the market and will marry model Chrissy Teigen later this month. He finds his reputation funny seeing as he didn’t have much luck with the ladies as a youngster.

“Well, one of my first girlfriends in high school tried to teach me because I was a complete failure,” he laughed to British magazine Cosmopolitan. “I didn’t get better until after we ended, so maybe she wasn’t the best teacher! I’m good now though – don’t worry about that.”

John is looking forward to marrying his fiancée, with the ceremony taking place at Italy’s Lake Como. He isn’t concerned that marriage will be too hard, although he has sounded out some of his friends for tips.

“Men don’t really give each other relationship advice,” he admitted. “But my friends just got married and they say it takes work to maintain and I think that’s true. You have to put in the effort to improve yourself, listen and pay attention and you have to learn to work with someone else’s needs… and their bad habits!”

The star also offered some words of wisdom to women who are in the first throws of a romance. John warns if men only call in the early hours of the morning they are just after a “booty call”, whereas those who are willing to be seen out with a new partner think she is worth keeping.
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Saturday, 07. September 2013