Cavallari enraged over arrest

Kristin Cavallari says she was wrongly cited for allegedly driving without a valid Illinois licence on Friday.

Kristin Cavallari was arrested in Chicago on Friday for allegedly driving without a valid licence.

The 26-year-old former reality star, who is married to Chicago Bears football player Jay Cutler, was stopped by an officer from the Evanston Police Department for speeding in the early morning, according to TMZ.

The outlet reports the officer escorted her to a local police station after discovering Kristin had been living in Illinois without obtaining a licence in the state. Illinois law requires residents to obtain a new driver’s licence after living there for more than 90 days.

She was reportedly issued a $120 citation and will be required to obtain an Illinois licence before she’s able to get back behind the wheel.

Kristin took to Twitter shortly after the incident to vent her frustrations.

The aspiring actress claims police were wrong to arrest her as she still maintains residence in her native California.

“Who knew having a California driver’s license in Illinois was a CRIME to be escorted to the police station to post bail?!! What a morning,” she fumed.

“I still have an apartment in LA so I’m a resident of California. (sic)"

Kristin did not say if she planned to fight the claims.

The arrest took place just over a week after Justin Bieber was cited for a similar charge.

The 19-year-old Canadian pop star was reportedly pulled over in Calabasas, California, on August 28 after blowing through a stop sign.

TMZ reported that during the traffic stop police discovered Justin wasn’t in possession of a Californian licence. Law requires new residents to obtain this identification within ten days of settling in the state.

The website alleged Justin violated that rule since he purchased his Calabasas home in June and he is also required to obtain a California licence before he is permitted to drive there.
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Friday, 06. September 2013