The masters of awkwardness... as told by MTV

To celebrate the premiere of season 3 of Awkward on MTV (for your kind reminder - Sept 15th is THE DATE), we bring you the top 10 more awkward MTV characters than Jenna Hamilton.

Past or present, real or scripted, meet the true masters of awkwardness, as brought to U by MTV:

*10. Angelina from Jersey Shore season 1: *
The most messy person in the house. Getting into fights with everyone and everything. No wonder she left ‘the Shore’ straight after the first season.

*9. Beavis & Butt-head *
Cult, cult, cult of awkwardness. Also, better twerkers than Miley Cyrus!

8. MTV Inbetweeners
Well… actually, the whole cast. Just look at the photo.

7. Sophia from Underemployed *
What do you mean you’re out of maple bacon bars, you little b

*6. Liz from My life as Liz *
Very similar in character to Jenna. Student. Smart. Troubled. Lost.

*5. Max Joseph from Catfish The TV Show *
We simply love Max, srsly! But ever wondered why he always takes his camera everywhere sticking it into people’s faces? Not to mention the ‘Pauly D’ type straight to heaven hair. Spooky. Very spooky.

*4. Stanley from MT Skins *
Hopelessly and romantically in love. Isn’t that enough awkward for you these days?

*3. Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom *
From young mom to be to porn star to be. This girl clearly has issues.

2. Riff Raff, the guest star of Ridiculousness
Smelling Chanel West Coast (literally), throwing money on the floor, wearing 100 kg chains that would probably take anyone straight to the ocean bottom. Nuff said guys!

*1. The one & only DARIA *
Also called ‘Diarrea’ by Butt-head. Need we say more?

Monday, 09. September 2013