Bieber ‘belittled’ by rumours

Justin Bieber’s manager writes off “99 per cent” of the rebellious rumours about the star.

Justin Bieber’s manager has slammed negative rumours about the star.

The 19-year-old Canadian pop star has been getting a lot of negative attention this year. He has been accused of assault, driving recklessly and allegedly partaking in drugs.

Scooter Braun has managed Justin’s career for years and insists the reports are nonsense.

“Just ‘cause it’s being reported all over the press doesn’t make it real,” Scooter told ET Online.

The seasoned talent supervisor has compassion for his teenage client as he is living under such an intense spotlight, which most people don’t deal with.

“Ninety-nine per cent of the time, I have to remind myself that. When he does make a mistake, he’s 19,” Scooter explained.

“He’s going to make mistakes. All of us made mistakes."

Scooter argues many young celebrities get shot down at the height of their careers, adding this sends out a contradictory message.

“We tell our youth, ‘We want you to be great… We want you to change the world,’ but the moment our youth actually exceed our expectations, we belittle their achievements,” he noted. “We tell them, ‘Oh, well they’re young; it’s not credible.”

Just this week Justin was at the centre of a backlash when a sexually-charged track called What She Wants, which contains the offensive word “n***a”, was released on a YouTube account.

The song was posted on a profile that looked similar to Justin’s own video-sharing page and was immediately shot down as a fake.

According to TMZ, Justin’s representatives called the release a “cruel hoax”.

“We’re told Bieber had NOTHING to do with the song and has since launched his record label’s legal team to have the song wiped from the internet,” the outlet claimed.
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Friday, 06. September 2013